The 19+1 Best Places to Snack in Barcelona

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If you are from Barcelona or just passing through, you may already know the monuments to see, the most famous places to go out or the activities to do. But even for some locals, there is one thing they often struggle with: where to have a snack in Barcelona.

If you are a tourist, it is very common to go to platforms like Tripadvisor and look for “where to have a snack in Plaça Catalunya”, for example. On that website you can see the comments and ratings of other people who have already been to these places. However, on many occasions, the reviews may not represent reality, causing you to end up in a bad place when it seemed, it was good.

If, on the other hand, you have been living in Barcelona for a long time, you won’t have that problem that tourists usually have. However, you may only know the best places to have a snack in Barcelona, but only within your own neighborhood, making you miss out on many other really spectacular places.

So we have decided to solve both problems and offer both tourists and locals an extensive list of 19+1 places to snack in Barcelona in an economical way and giving real pleasure to your palate.

Do you want to discover them? Let’s do it!

And since we like to start with the good stuff without making you wait, we’ll start the list of 19+1 places with that ‘+1’ so special. After all, it’s the one you want to know first and you know it 😉

The best place to have a snack in Barcelona: LaPalau

If you want to enjoy the authentic Italian ice cream, the most exquisite waffles, the most refreshing ice lolly popsicles or the most exquisite milkshakes, you have a must-visit in LaPalau.

This ice-cream shop in Barcelona is one of those places where both tourists and locals don’t stop visiting all year round. Despite being an ice-cream parlor, it also has a menu where you can enjoy everything from waffles and coffee to juices, Horchata de chufa (Tiger nut milk), milkshakes, and even churros with chocolate in winter.

But that’s not all. Its ice creams are handmade, produced only with natural products and with no other preservative than the cold itself. In LaPalau you will find flavors that you will not find anywhere else: from Caffe Huehuetenango or Charentais Melon to Vanilla Madagascar or Rum with Raisins.

And we could not leave out an important detail: the vast majority of ice creams you will find in LaPalau are 100% vegan ice creams, so if you were looking for vegan snack places in Barcelona, you can add this one to your list.

Located right in front of the ‘Palau de la Música’, it is a special place whether you want to visit Born district, ‘Las Ramblas’, ‘Plaza Catalunya’, or even walk down to the ‘Port Olímpic’. So if you want to take a walk around the most emblematic places of Barcelona tasting the best ice cream in the city, come to La Palau. You will repeat it!

How to get to LaPalau?

The 19 places to have a snack in Barcelona that you can’t miss

1. Cometa Cafe

This beautiful little cafe is one of the best choices for a snack in Barcelona. And not only because of its quality coffees or its homemade cakes, but because you will feel at home.

It is a small but cozy place, with a very chic decoration, ideal to go to have a quiet conversation in the best atmosphere or to go just with a book and spend a relaxed afternoon. It also has a somewhat special fusion.

cafe cometa barcelona

In spite of its Scandinavian-style decoration, you can also enjoy dishes as different as authentic Mexican food. Highly recommended!

How to get to café Cometa?

2. Lilipep Cafe

Café Lilipep is one of the most representative places in the Born district and its fame speaks for itself.

Its vintage aesthetics, its dim light from floating light bulbs decorated with feather wings, its bookstore, and its comfortable armchairs make it an ideal place to have a snack in Barcelona and enjoy a relaxing time.

You can enjoy different types of food, both sweet and savory, as well as homemade cakes, delicious teas, and coffees, although you can also choose a fresh beer or wine.

There is no doubt that Cafe Lilipep is a great place to have a snack in Barcelona, where the atmosphere, the food, and the warmth will catch you for hours.

How to get to Lilipep?

3. Farga

Well known for being a growing family business, its concept includes a great diversity of sweet and savory snacks, very traditional in the Spanish market but with the modernity that only this company can achieve.

farga barcelona

However, what stands out about Farga is his very snobbish, New York-style look, which has dazzled the diners who visit the place. It is the ideal spot for those people who are looking for a quality snack under a modern and unusual style.

How to get to Farga?

He has a number of stores in town:

4. Canal Pastry Shop

Known in the elegant part of Barcelona as one of the best pastry shops, Canal has been serving the most demanding customers in Barcelona since 1970.

One step inside this place will take you to a world full of high-quality cakes, sweet sandwiches, and coffee among other products. In addition, you will have the option of tasting them by sharing a table with other users, something that will be ideal for socializing and meeting new people with whom to spend a pleasant time.

According to its owners, its purpose is to provide a modern concept of a ‘churro shop’, making the customer taste the traditional desserts under an atmosphere that maintains the traditional.

How to get to Canal Pastry Shop?

5. Granja Viader

This place is one of the most visited places in Barcelona to have a snack, especially those who want to have direct contact with the old businesses from the beginning of the century that started as dairies to later transform into places to have a snack.

Due to its concept within its menu highlights the white coffee, pure milk, cheese, and natural yogurt, as well as the delicious homemade custard.

Its popularity and tradition make it a very busy place so you should plan your visit well, as there will surely be many people wanting to snack in this famous place.

How to get to Granja Viader?

6. El Tío Che

Are you near Poble Nou and would you like to have a nice horchata -tiger nut milk- from Valencia? Then you can’t miss El Tío Che.

This emblematic place is considered as one of the best ‘horchaterias’ in all Spain. And the fact is that El Tío Che has a Valencian soul. For that reason, it produces a completely natural tiger nut milk, produced with tiger nut from Alboraya, and without added sugar, so that the flavor is more authentic.


But El Tio Che does not live by horchata exclusively. You can also find a great selection of homemade ice creams, or some of his most outstanding specialities, like the meringue milk with cinnamon, the coffee slushies, the waffles or his delicious churros.

How to get to El Tío Che?

7. Hidden Cafe

One of the best places to drink coffee in all of Barcelona. Hidden Cafe is not just a regular coffee shop where you can have a snack while you enjoy a coffee or an infusion, but it goes beyond that.

It is a place that lives everything related to coffee with a passion, and spread its culture to its customers so they can leave their shop having learned something new. They mix origin, sustainability, and traceability. Their philosophy is to take care of small producers and, therefore, they bring you the best coffee from the most remote places on the planet.


In addition, in the cafeteria they also have many healthy snacks suitable for vegans and coeliacs, both salty and sweet. And let’s not forget their shop section, where you can buy and take home the best selections of coffees and teas.

So if you didn’t know where to have a snack in Les Corts, now you know a good place.

How to get to Hidden Café?

8. Cookie and Coffee Barcelona

If you’re in the Sants neighborhood and you feel like stopping for a sweet treat, Cookie & Coffee might be the place you’ve been looking for. This is the ideal place to enjoy a great selection of gourmet cookies.

All of them prepared step by step following the traditional American style, and without adding any kind of preservatives or colorants.

Among its drinks you will not only find an exquisite coffee, but you will also be able to enjoy your cookies with one of its varied teas or smoothies with which you will make your mouth water. And that’s not counting the muffins they usually have available, and I say “usually” because they are so delicious that they are sold out in a few hours.

How to get to Cookie & Coffee?

9. Sabio Infante

We couldn’t forget one of the most famous snack places in the Gracia district of Barcelona.

Sabio Infante is one of the culinary references in this neighborhood. Its decoration between shabby chic and retro and its relaxed atmosphere make it one of the best.

We wouldn’t know very well how to classify this characteristic place, because you can do everything here: from enjoying a breakfast reading a book or having a coffee while working with your laptop, to tasting a good brunch, having an exquisite snack or refreshing yourself with one of their handmade beers.

We have tried it and we can’t say anything else: Recommended!

How to get to Sabio Infante?

10. El Bosc de les Fades

In an article with the best places to have a snack in Barcelona, ‘El Bosc de les Fades’ could not be missed. This picturesque and magical place is one of the most popular bars in Barcelona, and you will notice why as soon as you cross the entrance.


Entering ‘El Bosc de les Fades’ is like teleporting yourself to a magical forest. Its decoration replicates in detail a forest in which you will find fantastic characters close to the tables, such as fairies, gnomes or elves, among others.

It is a space designed to make you feel like you are in a movie while you enjoy a snack, a coffee, or a refreshing glass of sangria. Without a doubt, this is a place in the heart of Barcelona that is well worth going to. You will be surprised!

How to get to El Bosc de les Fades?

11. El Flako Corn Flakes & Co. – Ciutat Vella

El-Flako-Corn-Flakes-&-Co.-BarcelonaAre you one of those people who loves cereal? Do you still keep that endearing breakfast habit from when you were a kid? Well, then The Flako Corn Flakes & Co. is going to be a must-see for you.

It is the first cereal bar in Barcelona and one of the most fashionable places to have a snack in the last few years. Its menu includes more than 200 different types of cereals, both national and international.

With its retro-style decoration, El Flako Corn Flakes & Co. will give you the chance to do something you dreamed of when you were a child: take a bowl and choose the cereals, milk, and toppings you want. What are you waiting for to feel that excitement again?

How to get to El Flako Corn Flakes & Co.?

12. Alsur Café

Alsur Cafe is one of the best-known cafes in Barcelona and has a philosophy that we love: #loquequierascuandoquieras, which means “whatever you want, whenever you want“.


It’s a place that’s ideal both for being with yourself, enjoying a coffee with a little bit of reading, and for working while you snack, or for meeting up with a group of friends for a few beers and catching up with some food in between.

You can choose from a wide range of foods and drinks from craft beers, coffees, teas, juices, or cocktails to homemade cakes, eggs benedicts or salty waffle sandwiches, among many other things. Visit them as soon as you get the chance!

How to get to Alsur Cafe?

Because they are a chain of cafes, they can be found in several places in Barcelona:

13. Café d’Estiu

This is one of those treasures that are difficult to find in the chaotic streets of the Gothic Quarter.

Cafe d’Estiu is a small cafe where you can enjoy both a complete breakfast of those with orange juice, toast, and coffee, to some refreshing ice cream, creamy yogurt, or delicious pastries.

Close to Barcelona’s Gothic Cathedral and with a relaxed atmosphere, you can satisfy your hunger with a variety of snacks or leave your thirst aside with fresh lemonade. An ideal place to spend some time alone, giving free rein to your imagination, or to recharge your batteries with a coffee in the company of your loved ones.

How to get to Cafe d’Estiu?

14. Itacate

Would you like a healthy snack in the Sant Antoni district? Then look no further, because Itacate is your place. This is a bar and cafe that specializes in vegetarian and vegan options.

It is formed by the union of two nationalities as different as Mexico and Italy, something that is very well reflected in each of its options on the menu. Among its proposals for eating you will find from pastries or toasts, through sandwiches and bagels, to salads, fruit bowls, and dishes of the day.

On the other hand, to accompany that delicious and healthy meal, you can count on flavored waters, natural juices, refreshing smoothies, the so trendy kombucha, coffees, teas, infusions, and even alcoholic drinks like beer, wine or its famous mini gin and tonic. You can’t miss it!

How to get to Itacate?

15. Somewhere Café

Somewhere cafe is one of those places with a special soul where you can have a snack in Barcelona, especially if you are one of those people who likes to travel. Thanks to its diverse offer, you can visit places like England, Vietnam, the United States, or Japan without leaving the premises.


It is a place that was born from the fusion of international gastronomy and the best coffee, something you will notice as soon as you enter the door. With an atmosphere between modernism and urban style, you will feel like you are eating in a restaurant in Copenhagen, having a brunch in Berlin, or enjoying a snack with the purest Brooklyn style.

Among its dishes you will find from its sweet ‘Sweet Moments’ to its urban dishes from all over the world, including its options ‘Healthy is the new sexy’ or its hamburgers that you will fall in love with at the first bite. An exquisite and cheeky offer (as they define it) that you can’t miss if you don’t know where to eat in Eixample.

How to get to Somewhere Cafe?

16. Cookona

Cookies are something that transmits very good memories and takes us back to our childhood. And that is precisely what they are looking for in Cookona, that you feel like a child again enjoying a great selection of cookies.

We know that there are several places in Barcelona to snack on cookies, but there are very few that are 100% dedicated to this. At Cookona you can be assured of that, because their specialty is cookies whose dough you can put directly in your mouth.

In their small business, which has become a place of worship for all those cookie lovers, you can taste all kinds of desserts related to cookies: from the famous cookie dough to cakes made with cookies, ice cream with cookies, and even, cookie pizzas! Don’t delay and add this site to your list of charming places to snack in Barcelona.

How to get to Cookona?

17. Takashi Ochiai

Do you like oriental culture and its food? Do you want to have a sweet and original snack that you won’t find anywhere else? Then Takashi Ochiai is the perfect place.

Located in the Eixample district, this is the reference Japanese bakery in Barcelona where you will find desserts that will not leave you indifferent, such as its famous green tea croissant.


Apart from a select group of coffees, infusions and sorbets, among its variety of products you can find mochiai, mizumanju and yokan bamboo, or exclusive creations such as their minimochies, their strawberry cream shortcake or tea muffin.

An exotic and delicious option in equal parts for a snack in Barcelona, you’ll be surprised!

How to get to Takashi Ochiai?

18. El jardí del Alma

The well-known hotel Alma, located in the Esquerra del Eixample (left side of the district), not only has an excellent location, close to emblematic places such as Casa Batlló, Casa Milá, Paseo de Grácia or Diagonal, but also keeps a secret place inside.

This is the ‘Jardí del Alma’, a charming garden located in the hotel bar where you can enjoy an original snack in Barcelona, which is not very well known by tourists and locals.


Inside the garden you can taste some tapas and Mediterranean dishes made for the most select palates, while tasting a good glass of wine or a cocktail, all at a very affordable price and in a quiet and original atmosphere, ideal for a romantic evening.

How to get to El jardí del Alma?

19. La Xurrería de Maria

If you want to snack on the most exquisite churros you will ever taste next to Sagrada Familia, there is no better place than ‘La Xurrería de María’.

It is a small, basic, but cozy and charming place where you will be served by people with a kindness that changes your mood and brings out a smile. And that’s before you ask.


Once they bring you the churros with chocolate and you give them the first bite, you’ll understand why they are the best churros you can try. Besides, they have super cheap prices for the tourist area where it is located. It”s a far cry from the well-known “tourist traps”.

It’s easy to find that, when you go, the place is full because it’s quite a small place. However, that would be an ideal situation to eat the churros and the porras with chocolate while enjoying a walk around the Sagrada Familia. You cannot leave Barcelona without having a snack in this place, or you will regret it.

How to get to La Xurrería de Maria?

And here is our list of the best places to have a snack in Barcelona.

We know that there are many more places to have a nice snack, however, if we put them all, the list would be endless. Therefore, we have decided to reduce it to the 19+1 that we have considered more original or with a better offer.

You have already seen that there are both sweet and savory options, just as there are places where you can enjoy a coffee while reading a book or a beer with a healthy snack in the company of your friends.

But if what you want is an Italian ice cream whose flavor you never forget, don’t miss a visit to LaPalau ice cream parlour, where you’ll find the best ice creams in Barcelona, as well as a great selection of ice lolly popsicles, milkshakes, and vegan smoothies.

You’ll love them!

¿Do you want to know which are the 25 best ice cream parlours in Barcelona?
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