Ice Cream Home Delivery Service in Barcelona

Glovo app Barcelona

Now you can buy ice cream in Barcelona and have them in your home in a few minutes!

And you’re wondering where can I buy them? Well, you know where.

LaPalau, the best place for ice cream at home in Barcelona

At Gelateria Palau we have made partnerships with some delivery companies as Deliveroo or Glovo so that you can have the ice cream that you want in a few minutes in the door of your house. Like a pizza!

You can ask them:

  • From your computer, just clicking here.
  • From your smartphone, as easy as:
  1. Download the Glovo app from here for Android phones or from here for Iphone / Ipad.
  2. Follow the next steps:

Click on “Snacks & Beverages” on the app’s main screen.


Go down and select “Gelateria Palau”. That’s us! 😉


Choose the container for the ice-cream (we have 1/2Kg and 1Kg) or horchata (1 liter).


Select the flavors. You can choose 2 flavors for the 1/2Kg container or 4 flavors for the 1kg container.


Now just add your address and pay easily. The shipping costs are low! (2,9€).

Nothing else! We then receive the order automatically by email, we prepare it and we give it to the Glovo dealer to take it to your home as fast as possible, as long as it does not lose its freshness.

If you want to know better how Glovo works, below you can see an explanatory video:

Why choose LaPalau to buy ice cream at home in Barcelona?

The best Italian artisan ice cream you can find

As you know, the best ice cream in the world is made in Italy, and one of the Italian ice cream masters par excellence is the great Luca Grassi, winner of numerous awards and titles to preserve and innovate in the art of quality ice cream.

LaPalau’s ice creams have their own identity and that is why we are a reference in delivering artisan ice creams to homes all over Barcelona. Just take a look at the one you want to try and place your order through Glovo or Uber Eats.

The variety and the special touch you won’t find anywhere else

If there is one thing we like to offer our customers it is the possibility to buy ice cream online of different flavors and textures. That’s why we provide you with a great list of flavors that you won’t have tried anywhere else.

From ‘Avellana Piemponte’ or ‘Fondente Nero’ to ‘Caffe Huehuetenango’ or ‘Mango Alphonso’. We give a special touch to all our ice creams that will surely make you want more!

You can buy ice cream at home online and in a physical store

There are many ice-cream stores in Barcelona, but very few have home delivery service for ice cream, drinks, and other desserts. In LaPalau we have known how to listen to our customers and so you can enjoy our Italian ice cream both by going to our physical store and by ordering it through Glovo.

In our shop, we also have a wide list of natural, homemade ice lolly popsicles with 0% added sugar. All of them are created with natural fruit and without any preservative other than cold so that you can enjoy your delicious ice lolly popsicles in a healthy way. We also have vegan ice creams, take a look at the ice cream menu, and find yours!

We are a reference point as an ice cream shop in our neighborhood, in the center of Barcelona

Many of our customers used to Google things like “Ice cream shop nearby”, “Glovo ice cream” or “ice cream at home in Barcelona”. And that’s normal. At the end of the day, if you want to find a good ice-cream shop that is close to your home and that you can trust, the best thing is to do a little search on the Internet.

After carrying out these searches, many of our customers were convinced that the best option is LaPalau. Not only because our ice creams are so good, but also because we send ice creams to your home in the city as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost.

In less than an hour you will be enjoying your favorite ice cream at home, isn’t that perfect?

Ice cream and desserts at home in Barcelona: other options

As you have seen, LaPalau offers some ice creams that you cannot buy anywhere else. But to check it out you might have to try more than one ice cream shop at home in Barcelona.
We know that, when it comes to ice cream and desserts, each person is a world.

For this reason, we have prepared a small list of some of the companies or ice-cream shops that can satisfy your taste for something sweet without moving from the place where you are:

Ottimo Gelats

Some users have even described this ice-cream shop as one of the best in Barcelona, but they also offer their magnificent ice creams at home throughout the city.

And the best thing about it is that you can order them at any time of the day. Don’t be left wanting to enjoy their delicious ice creams. You can choose your ideal combination, with a maximum of 4 flavors for jars of up to 1 liter. Find them on the website of Ottimo.


JustEat is one of the giants of home dining and among its more than 10,000 restaurants with which it collaborates, the ice cream and dessert shops could not be left out.
On this page, you can order ice cream at home without any time restrictions and it also offers you a great variety of desserts, ranging from flan to custard and cakes. Enter from here.


If JustEat is the big giant of the take-away, Deliverum is one of the best alternatives.

In general terms, it offers a service quite similar to the previous one and provides you with the best ice creams and desserts in Barcelona, as well as offering you a very wide list of restaurants and shops in Barcelona, since you can choose from several shops. Visit it from here.


As you can see, there are many ice cream shops and restaurants all over Barcelona and Apanymantel is not far behind.

This platform offers you a very wide list that goes from artisan ice creams to waffles and creperies. Another great option for you to have a choice and choose the most delicious desserts. Don’t stay without satisfying your best cravings!


Better known than the aforementioned Deliverum, this platform is one of the benchmarks for food delivery. It provides food from thousands of restaurants in Barcelona and its offices are open from 12:30 to 00:00 every day.

As you can see on their website, they have all kinds of options and it’s as easy as downloading their App and starting to use it.


Yes, the pizza kings also have lots of desserts on their menu and they bring them straight home to you. In fact, it won’t make you download other takeout apps like the ones we’ve introduced you to.

Almost all the desserts you’ll find available on their online platform are ice cream, not handmade, but ice cream after all 🙂. So if you want to get rid of that desire, go to Telepizza and order now.

Glovo app Barcelona

Enjoying ice cream at home in the city of Barcelona has never been so easy as this summer, and if you are an ice cream lover you will surely find some of the shops we have shown you in this post.

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