Where to eat Waffles in Barcelona: the 10+1 places you CAN’T miss

Oh, the waffles! That delicious little temptation with crunchy, grid-like dough that we like so much.

It is true that he was born in Belgium and that they knew each other there as gaufre, but the ultimate truth is that, whatever they are called in your place of birth, Waffles are that kind of culinary delight that we cannot refuse.

Although they are simple to prepare, few things bring more pleasure than eating a good waffle with your favorite toppings: from ice cream, cream or Nutella, to jam, fruit or honey.

Delicious waffle… What if we put ice cream on it?

But if you’re a waffle lover like us, you know from experience that not every place that offers waffles will give you that pleasant bite we were talking about. You need to know where to taste a good waffle that is worth every bite of this little delicacy.

For this reason, we wanted to make things easier for you by creating the best guide on where to eat the best waffles in Barcelona. This way, you can try out every place and keep the one that captures your sweet tooth.

Where to eat waffles in Barcelona?

The list we have compiled for you has what we consider to be the 10 best waffle places in Barcelona, and a little surprise at the end for crepe lovers.

Do we start with the guide?

Come on… let’s go for it!

1. Gelateria Palau

Have you ever imagined how freshly-made waffles can taste like the best Italian ice cream you’ve ever tasted? If you go to LaPalau, that’s exactly what you’ll be trying.

Although their speciality is homemade ice cream ‘made in Italy’, they also have one of the best waffles in Barcelona, which you can enjoy with the creamiest smoothie, the freshest horchata (in summer), or with the warmest chocolate in the cooler months.

Among its menu of ice creams, which you can add to your waffle, there are flavours with nuances that you will not find anywhere else: from ‘Fondente Nero’, ‘Piemponte’s Hazelnut’ or ‘
Pistachio from Sicily’ to ‘Melon Charentais’, ‘Mango Alphonso’ or ‘Huehuetenango Coffee’.

Although if you are of more traditional flavours, you can add to your waffle more classic ice cream such as stracciatella, milk fudge, Oreo or natural mint, among others.

And if you prefer them without ice cream, you can also count on the toppings of Nutella, cream & lacquers, Banana & chocolate or Crocanti & Milk fudge so characteristic of the “Waffle-Lovers”.

So, if you want to experiment with the perfect mix between the fluffiest waffles and the best artisan ice creams in Barcelona, come to LaPalau. You will repeat!

How to get to Gelateria Palau?

2. Belgious Barcelona

This cafe is unusual, exotic and, above all, delicious. The name says it all: it’s run by real Belgians, the country of origin of this exquisite piece of cuisine.

belgious barcelona waffles

Created with whole milk, natural butter, buckwheat (and a pinch of love), the waffles you’ll find at Belgious are not only limited to the classic chocolate ones, but you’ll also have at your disposal a menu with more than 30 flavors that range from cannabis or wasabi to their specialty, Belgian beer.

A must for good waffle lovers.

How to get to Belgious?

3. Sweet gaufre

Have you ever wondered how the classic waffles from Liège in Belgium would taste? Then you can’t miss Sweet Gaufre, one of the best waffle places in Barcelona, without a doubt. It may not sound familiar to you, but the locals know it as “the waffle shop of Raval” or “the waffle shop of Las Ramblas”.

In fact, it is considered to be the first place where waffles became popular in Barcelona, back in 1986. We could say that it is a kind of paradise for people with a sweet tooth, where you can taste waffles and crepes, as well as cakes and boulangerie in general.

How to get to Sweet Gaufre?

4. Bubbwrap

Have you heard of bubble waffles? It is a type of waffle prepared with special equipment that makes it have a peculiar shape based on bubbles.

That is if the usual shape of the waffles is squares tucked in, the shape of the bubble waffles is bubbled out. A totally new concept that has become very fashionable.


Bubbwrap has been the pioneers in creating this type of waffle in Barcelona, although it has been causing a sensation in Hong Kong since the 1950s. You can choose yours with different doughs -original, chocolate or matching- and with toppings so varied that you will need to go several times to find your perfect bubble waffle.

How to get to Bubbwrap?

5. Waffle

A site that calls itself Waffle is already telling you in its own name what it does best. It is one of the most reputable places to offer waffles in Barcelona. In fact, if you search for “Waffle” on Tripadvisor you’ll find out why it’s a place that has caught on among the people of the city.


But not only do they have exquisite waffles, but you can also enjoy dozens of proposals, both sweet and savory, all of them with great originality and creativity, and achieving tasty results.

Pancakes, handmade crepes, brunches, gourmet sandwiches with wheat bread, sweet and savory combos with coffee and natural juice, special toasts with rye bread, smoothies, ice-cream shakes… and many more things! What are you waiting for to get close and give your stomach a treat?

How to get to Waffle?

6. Chocolat Box Barcelona

Can you imagine a place where chocolate is the king of the party and everything you want is returned with chocolate? Well, that place exists in Barcelona and is called Chocolat-Box. A place that could be considered the Mecca of chocolate for someone who is melting from this very addictive sweet.


And, of course, at Chocolat Box Barcelona, waffles also succeed (and very well), which mixed with melted chocolate will make that bite a delicious pleasure. In addition, you can also find among its specialties chocolate palms, ice cream, and coffee.

However, the site is a place whose prices are somewhat high, although its decoration, its atmosphere, and (above all) its waffles will make it worth paying.

How to get to Chocolat-Box?

7. Giovanni Artgelato

As we told you when we introduced you to LaPalau, Italian ice cream is possibly the best ingredient to add to your waffles. This is something that they know very well in Giovanni Artgelato that, although they are considered an ice cream shop in Barcelona, they also stand out for their waffles: warm, freshly made, with a touch of sugar and with more than 30 flavors to choose from.


In addition, in his small shop, you will also have ice cream and waffles at your disposal, but you can also combine this perfect mixture with a good coffee, tea, horchata, some cakes, and even opt for some spongy crêpes.

On their own website, they confirm that the vast majority of their customers consider their waffles to be the best waffles in Barcelona. Will this be true? You’ll have to check!

How to get to Giovanni Artgelato?

8. Farggi

Farggi is one of the largest chains dedicated to ice cream, sorbets, and waffles in Barcelona, something that makes it especially accessible, wherever you are in the city.


This family business has a recipe that dates back to 1957, in which selected seasonal fruits and pastry cream are combined to give you what they claim is the best experience that ice cream and sorbet can give you.

Although ice cream is their specialty, they also have some delicious waffles that you can mix with their ice cream for an unparalleled sweet tooth.

How to get to Farggi?

As we have already mentioned, Farggi is a chain of coffee shops where you can enjoy waffles all over Barcelona. In fact, there are several of them scattered throughout the city. Therefore, instead of putting each of the locations, we have decided to show you in this link all of them so that you can see which one is the closest to you.

9. Orxateria Astùries

Probably, you can get an idea that Orxateria Astùries’ specialty is not waffles, but ‘horchata’, the Spanish word to refer to tigernut milk, one of the freshest and most appetizing national drinks in the summer season.

orxateria asturies

However, in this emblematic place of the Gracia district, you can accompany that tigernut milk or a refreshing slushie with a good waffle and walk around the picturesque streets of the neighborhood licking the chocolate that has been left on your lips.

Sounds like a good plan, right?

How to get to Orxateria Astùries?

10. Gofras, the original waffle maker in Sitges

If you take advantage of a day to get out of Barcelona city and do some tourism in the surrounding villages, one of the ones you can’t miss is Sitges. It’s definitely a place with magic. You will love walking around its streets, enjoying its beach, partying in its clubs and…of course, tasting a delicious waffle in Gofras, the best waffle shop in Sitges.

gofras sitges

Located just a few meters from the beach, you will be able to identify it well because it always has several customers crowded into two different lines: the waffle line and the crepe line; and if it is always full of people, you can imagine why. They are delicious!

How to get to Gofras?

…and if you’re looking for the best crepes in Barcelona

In this case, your site has a proper name:

11. Krampus Barcelona

If before we defined Chocolat Box Barcelona as the Mecca of chocolate, to describe Krampus Barcelona we will do it saying that it is the paradise of the authentic French crepe.


In this creperie in Barcelona, they not only make their crepes based on Breton tradition using buckwheat flour imported from a traditional Breton mill, but they also manage to prepare sweet and savory specialties from all over the world to captivate your senses like no other.

A couple of examples are the galettes Complète (ham, egg, and cheese) and the Exotica (chicken and pineapple tacos with coconut sauce, green curry, and coriander), which you can enjoy in a space inspired by Japanese simplicity and minimalism.

How to get to Krampus Barcelona?

And that’ s the guide to the best places to buy waffles in Barcelona!

We are sure that, if you are really a lover of this type of sweet, you will find a good route to taste the best waffles in Barcelona.

And remember: if your favorite topping is ice cream and you were looking for “Waffles in Barcelona with Ice Cream” on Google, don’t hesitate to stop by LaPalau and buy your waffle with the best Italian ice cream in Barcelona. You’ll be speechless!


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